NicoNiewindNico Niewind was born on 30th August 1991 in Reutlingen southern Germany.

After spending the first six years of his life on the field he finally got introduced by his dad how to fly RC planes. Three years later he started flying helicopters. At first only scale helicopters later he started to get interested in 3D flying.

The first successes after many hours practicing on the simulator forced the aim to improve flying skills and taking part at competitions. The results on competitions were leading into sponsorship and manufacturers cooperations.





Asbach 1999

(Eight years old with Hercules C-160)

Robbe Newcomer Cup 2000

(Nine years old Futura Gold)

Weisenheim 2004

(13 years old, Three Dee NT)

Two years he was member of Team Thunder Tiger Europe

(In the picture: Raptor 90SE)

IRCHA 2010

( In the Picture: Logo 600 3D)

2010 IRCHA

Bregenz 2011

(Shape S8 Protoype)



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