Transmitter: Futaba T18 MZ FASSTest

Banshee 700 Limited
(with custom canopy)


Kontronik KOSMIK 200+ HV

PYRO 650-62

Hacker TopFuel Eco-X 12S 5000

3x Futaba BLS 273 SV

BLS 256 SV

CGY 750 V1.31


In my opinion the Banshee 700 Limited is the best helicopter on the market. It has proofed it`s durability in several hundred flights. So I decided to built a canopy for this helicopter that fits perfectly to F3N competition needs.


I´m lucky to have a father who´s designing freeform surfaces for his daily business. After the CAD data of the new carbon frames, skids and the new canopy were done our fried Jörg Rehm, CEO of KonForm, also an rc enthusiast, started to mill the molds for the new canopy.


My dad made four F3N canopy’s. Two for me, one for his own Banshee and another one for our mate Andreas Stolzenburg. Marco Strauss did an great job with the stickers.


Changed things compared to the standard version:
– canopy
– skids
– main frame

Take off weight: approx. 4,7 kg (10,4 lbs)
Headspeed: 1300 / 1550 /1850
Collective: -11.5° / +12°
Pinion: 18T
Flighttime: 5-8 min


Voodoo 400


Kontronik KOBY 90+ LV

PYRO 400-14

Hacker TopFuel Eco-X 4S 3800

3x Futaba BLS 173 SV

BLS 256 SV

CGY 750 V1.4



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